Australia is the land full of records and extreme climate conditions. These are the reasons, why is this continent hugely sought after by all sorts of adventurers and explorers. One part of them create all kinds of experimental vehicles crosses through the wastes of the continent. After the persistence running, cycling or driving with the high-tech solar powered cars is here another vehicle that beats the Australia.

This time is the totally new approach to the function, drive and the philosophy of the human move. Only one connector of all these conceptions is the wind. Yes, it is. The wind was the only one source of the power for the specially constructed vehicle, which ran 18 days between 26th January and 12th February 2011 across the Australia from Albany to Sydney.

The experimental journey was the result of the project by two German adventurers. Television host, the action expert, director and filmmaker Dirk Gion and Stefan Simmerer, engineer specialized in lightweight materials, have decided to develop wind powered vehicle as a manifestation of the new possibilities of movement and environment protection. As they say: "The problem: automobility has thus far taken a serious toll on the environment. But driving a vehicle such as the Wind Explorer represents an entirely new driving experience: no emissions, no motor noise and no power plants generating electricity by burning fossil fuels. Mobility and speed can be experienced without a guilty conscience."

Together they constructed the first self-sufficient 'windmobile'. Dirk Gion continues: "The Wind Explorer is a lightweight electrically-, wind- and kite-powered vehicle all in one. It might seem futuristic, but it's here and in service right now. With extreme efficiency, the Wind Explorer combines technologies that are available today, but neither sensibly nor fully utilized." So on their 18-days and 5000 kilometer journey they could use energy made out of mobile wind turbine to recharge the vehicle's lithium-ion-batteries. This turbine was stored in the car and completed always for a while than they stopped. In addition they used the kite, when was the great wind. The team has been relying nearly exclusively on self-generated wind power.

We love the project very much. Slightly designed three-wheeled car with the totally new technology and journey adventure in the style of National Geographic make from this project one of the the best events that we saw in the last years. Congratulation!

Photo courtesy of Wind Explorers

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