One of his best pictures he has shot at the age of 17, Boxing hares, 1970
He is not a big fan of the contemporary design, but this trophy caught his eyes very much, Big Game, Roedeer, 2005
He shots with the ultimate equipment only, Nikon F camera, 1969
He needs great optic in the dark forests, Nikkor 4/200 objective, 1960s
His pictures are sharp as his unique hand-made knife, Bareš Sedlčany knife, 2009
Hunting fashion can be more stylish than you thing, Barbour scarf, 2007
He has published pictures in some of the most important wildlife magazines, Wild und Hund magazine
His hunting knowledge are based on the purest tradition only, Die Hohe Jagd book by Paul Parey publishing house, Berlin, 1922
His own time he shows on Swiss machines only, Breitling Venus 170 wristwatch, 1940s
In the nature he sees everything, Bushnell 8x20 binocular
He admires the brilliant wood makers, Antonín Hepnar, Mushroom lamp, 1953/2011
He works in a wood with the love, Self-made desk, 2008
His collection is full of gems, Leica M6 camera, 1984

Last weekend we have visited my father Karel Štěch (1953) at his home in Česká Kamenice in north Bohemia and shot his writing desk, where he showed us some of his most favorite things of his most favorite interest - photography of the local wild life.

Wild life photography is one of the disciplines standing somewhere between art, report, biology and hunting. It is activity of enjoying the silence of the forest and discovering the best unseen moments in the nature. My father was shooting since almost his childhood and whole life he is loyal to his home landscape of the northern Bohemia. During his career he shot some very interesting pictures of the Czech nature illustrating life of the deers, mouflons, roe deers or follow deers. It is a true wood style life with almost every day or evening visits of the forest and waiting for the best moments and standing in hope of the best light and good shooting angles. "You are hunter with the camera.", he said and adds: "when you are waiting in the middle of the forest in total silence with the big objective for your picture, you enjoy beauty of the forest so much. Nobody there, only nature and animals."

With the respect for the tradition and sense for the quality products, my father is one of the most stylish hunters and photographers of the nature in Czech republic. For his endless forest adventures he choose the best equipment such as Leica or Nikon cameras, Barbour jackets and accessories or hand-made damask knife. More about his collection directly in the pictures.