Translations is the name of the new exhibition project of our collaborator Oscar Diaz from London. We love the Diaz`s thinking about design so much, so we asked him to curate one part of our upcoming magazine.

Now, Diaz have launched next curatorial project called Federal Office. First show is The Translation held in west London during London Design Festival this week. The exhibition will include some designs by the youngest generation of London designers, who work in poetic and conceptual, as well as pretty functional way. One design from the show is also Obi pencil sharpener by Simon Donald (above), who was inspired by pencil in an ashtray. The exhibition will include some pairs of design and inspiration next to it. The quite similar presentation by Diaz you can see in our upcoming magazine.

Translations, 22-26 September 2010, 1-5 Exhibition Road, London SW2 2EH

Participating designers: Roger Arquer, Oscar Diaz, Simon Donald, Postler/Ferguson, Yota Kakuda, Alon Meron, Tomek Rygalik, Thomas Wagner, Anne Xiradakis, Zaven