Exhibition in Window gallery in Prague between 5. 4. and 2. 7. 2010. In seven windows we showed seven materials changing in time from 1800 to today. Contemporary design and old antiques created together special window styling including various products from old knives, fabrics, jeans, chairs to contemporary conceptual design, fixed-gear bike and much more.

Every historical period endows human creativity with its unmistakable traits. Its overall atmosphere is, then, formed by objects designed at a specific time and produced for their immediate purposes. Today we admire most of these things as beautiful artifacts that provide a unique opportunity for us to touch the past. Through what means will future generations use to view our time? It will surely be designs that have existed in our world for over hundred years and impart the basic appearance to most human products - design and antiques. These two separated fields attract each other perilously. Their form is immensely related to the materials used and, primarily, to the manufacturing method. Antiques are transformed into design; craftsmanship is transformed into industrial lot-production. However, handicraft is returning to contemporary design and, thus, updates the existence of precious artifacts from our ancestors, which the exhibition presents in the context of contemporary lifestyles. Specific formal and content confrontations between old and new objects, divided according to the materials used, represent a unique opportunity to consider their meaning and origin from a different perspective.