We love conceptual graphic design work from our friends Zuzana and David from Ex Lovers studio based in Prague. One of their last graphic projects is a poster brochure dedicated to the unique architectural treasures of The Prague Špork palace.

Originally Sweerts-Špork palace was built at the end of the 18th century by Antonín Haffenecker and Ignác Palliardi. During the 1920s, famous Czech architect Josef Gočár had added new building to it and created monumental modernist palace of The Anglobank with the spectacular decorative interiors inside.

Now, the building is owned by Room, creative development agency, which has ordered small brochure from Ex Lovers some time ago. Designers have created very inteligent layout as an unique guide through the bulding discovering some of the original or other interesting features still on the place.

Great form and concept! Congratulation!