Here we have the second part of our editorial about the new collection of furniture by Dutch designers Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders. This time we preview finished pieces.

Called Cirkel, the collection includes Coffee table 01, Leaning lamp, three Mirrors and Wall lights 01/02. All the pieces, prepared for the solo show at Gosserez gallery in Paris, are based on the motif of the simple Bauhaus forms and lines which meet very personal visual intimate approach of the designers.

For example Wall light looks like a constructivist or futurist 1930s sculpture actualized by its function and very pure emotional materialization. Also the Coffee table looks like a sculpture with its conic-shaped support that functions as a clever storage.

"With their designs they try not to tell what the function is, first comes form and the function is second and it may never come. Nevertheless they have a function in mind if they design an object or a product, but they do not want to make the function to visible. For them design is about form not about function."

Photos by Mike Roelofs