When in Belgrade last week we have visited wonderful modernist building of The Museum of Yugoslav History, former 25 May museum.

Built in 1962 by Mihailo Janković, the museum originally exhibited the gifts that former president of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito received from around the country and the world. It is a part of a larger complex where Tito`s private residences or a hunting lodge were situated. Today you can visit The House of Flowers there, where Tito was buried in 1980.

The building of the museum is a big symmetrical centerpiece with light elegant shapes resembling modernist exhibition pavilion or big private residence by its proportions. Wings-shaped roof documents free form modernist approach of its architect and invite us to the foyer. Inside you can find elegant S-shaped staircase and large exhibition halls on the first storey. Original furnishings and world map in sgraffito technique are still on place.

In the museum we have visited great exhibition called Unfinished Modernisation, which is focused on modernist architecture from all around the former Yugoslavia. Report from the exhibition see tomorrow!