"La Scala opera house is pretty impressive."

Henny Van Nistelrooy

Henny van Nistelrooy and his new Myltada screen in the interview and in the La Scala opera house. Illustration by Jana Trávníčková.

Describe briefly your project featuring at The Front Room?
Myltada is a double-panel space divider which is the latest edition to the “Shelter” collection.
Shelter is a collection of space dividers composed of specially selected fabrics, meticulously unthreaded in to new geometrical patterns. In reaction to the machine woven structures Henny has been unthreading the fabrics by hand in order to create new geometrical designs within the fabric. By doing this the tightly woven, opaque textile become translucent and the relation between the different threads that make up the fabrics becomes clear. The project has been inspired by a recent journeys to China. Here the beautiful architectural features appearing in many Ming/Qing imperial palaces and gardens have been of influence in the use of color and shape.

What do you visit in Milan every year?
I know, its a cliche but I am going to say Bar Basso. This bar has become a very special gathering place in the fair history. I love it how there are all these different versions about how it became this hotspot. Who were the first designers that started going there etc… Its was being tweeted about long before Twitter existed.

Do you have any every year ritual in Milan?
Hoping the weather will be good! I've experienced cold, rain, and the nicest spring days during the Salone. Being constantly on the move from one place toy the other those days its always a great thing when the sun is out and meet people on the streets. Though the worst must have been though the year the vulcano ashes kept all air planes on the ground. That year I couldn't even go there.

Do you know some good places for nice lunch or dinner in Milan?
I am planning to try a seafood restaurant this year highly recommended by a Milanese friend. Though I have to update you on the details.

What are you looking forward to see in Milan this year?
Seeing the work that is really pushing it into a new direction. The exhibition that really captivates me and make think of things all over again.

Do you have some recommendations to visit something else in Milan this year?
La Scala opera house is pretty impressive.

Where else we can see your exhibited products in Milan this year?
For Revolver Shelving System Im happy to be working with PianoPrimo. Expect a seven meter wall display of this system in their gem of a traditional town house, just down from Via Tortona.

Visit The Front Room at Ca' Laghetto space, Via Laghetto 11, Milan, 17 - 22 April. We will be there!