Some questions for Dana Cannam who presents with Agata Karolina their new "Hummingbird" rocking armchair at The Front Room in Milan. Jana Távníčková made the collage of the armchair using some historical pieces from the collection of Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, where Dana find inspiration during Salone every year.

Describe briefly your project featuring at The Front Room?
Agata Karolina and I have designed and built an upright rocking chair called "Hummingbird"
The name reflects the calm state of suspension between being engaged and deep relaxation. When seated, the user is upright and alert, with a gentle tilt and shifting of weight, the chair creates an embracing sensation, producing the feeling of calm.

What do you visit in Milan every year?
Zona Tortona for the parties and the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia for a quick look into the future.

Do you have any every year ritual in Milan?
A proper Italian espresso in the morning and an americano at night.

Do you know some good places for nice lunch or dinner in Milan?
No, I tend to concern myself with work when I am in Milan, so lunch and dinner usually consists of street food. Although you can grab a quick dinner at Spazio Rossana Orlandi and enjoy her amazing garden...her design collection is usually not too shabby either.

What are you looking forward to see in Milan this year?
I'm always excited to visit the Museo Scienza and check out the latest developments in design and technology.

Do you have some recommendations to visit something else in Milan this year?
I am looking forward to exploring the Ventural Lambrate. I had the opportunity to exhibit there last year and was really impressed with what I saw. It's a nice alternative to Zona Tortona if wish to avoid massive crowds.

Where else we can see your exhibited products in Milan this year?
Just the Ca' Laghetto this year.