At the Kvadrat party celebrating their Hallingdal 65 project held last month in Milan we have met very friendly New York-based designer Stephen Burks of Readymade Projects.

Burks is famous for his use of raw materials, craft producing techniques, use of textile, as well as colorful exotic style inspired by traditional African visuality and production. We have met him during the party at Kvadrat Hallingdal 65 project in Jil Sander showroom. Wonderful collection of many objects designed by international crowd of talents, including Burks, and using iconic Hallingdal 65 textile, which was designed in 1965 by Nanna Ditzel, was one the highlights of Milan show.

But now we are more interested in the visuality and whole lifestyle of Stephen Burks, who wears special edition Converse x Missoni Auckland Racer trainers. Their knitted surface is very similar to Burks products, which are characterized by strong use of colors, patterns and tropical motives as Missoni style also.

It is great to see that the designer demonstrates his creative style in his fashion as well. As a small context to it we present here Play screen, which Burks has designed for Kvadrat Hallingdal 65 project.