Czech republic, as well as some parts of Europe, are under the snow. We post some articles related to snow and winter. And now we can start in the European winter sport city of Grenoble.

This minimalist chair was created by late French modernist designer Joseph-André Motte in 1967 for Hotel de Ville of Grenoble. The Grenoble town hall is the work of French architect Maurice Novarina (1907-2002), who designed it in the international style of the strict lines and blocky volumes.

Motte represents French modernist movement, which was developed from the late 1940s decorative style in the direction to more functionalist and minimalist design approach. About Motte and his collaborators in ARP, the Atelier des Recherches Plastiques, the design group which he ran with Pierre Guariche and Michel Mortier between 1954 and 1957, you can read in our Next Step magazine also.

This chair is the later Motte`s work, when he worked with the very simple shape principles. Design of the chair was destined for the furnishing of the main conferential room of the Grenoble town hall. Upholstered simple body of the chair in the style of the Novarina`s architecture is supported by ski-shaped legs. Probably, it is the inspiration of the winter sport tradition of the city.