This picture which we shot in the former studio of Achille Castiglioni (1918 - 2002) in Milan is the small preview of our upcoming photo essay from this fantastic place telling the story of design in itself.

And why this photo? Because we would like to tell you the story about the camera which you see on the picture. The former studio of one of the biggest design guru in the history which is now his museum and archive is full of amazing things from complete archive of the Domus magazine and most Castiglioni`s design projects to his collections of bizarre and ordinary objects. It is impossible to say it. You see it in our upcoming report. But what impressed us very much were plans and pictures of this wonderful camera whose form is ahead of the time.

Designed by Castiglioni with his brother Pier Giacomo (1913 - 1968) in 1958 as a prototype for Ferrania company, the camera is their very unknown project with the very surprising form for Castiglioni brothers. Organic body of a camera resembles contemporary work of designers such as Marc Newson or Ross Lovegrove. In Castiglioni`s design, the influence of the modern organic sculpture met new materials and above all very compact form ideal for a small camera. The camera is surprising example of the 1950s Italian design and shows one image of the total inscrutable design of the Milanese master.

Read OKOLO and explore report from Achille Castiglioni studio in few days!