Two recent projects in design and sportswear tell us a story about technology, artificial intelligence and age-old desire to create a perfect machine.

Czech designer Jakub Berdych of Qubus Studio designed his Robot for Křehký gallery inspired by famous brothers Karel and Josef Čapek. Writer Karel Čapek is the author of the legendary play R.U.R from 1921 where in utopian ideas he imagined artificial man: Robot. Word of Robot was created by his brother Josef, Czech cubist painter who created geometrically rigid and colorful figures in his paintings during the 1920s. Berdych took inspiration from both brothers and created Robot made out of the colorful stained glass to tribute visionary of Karel Čapek as well as paintings by his brother Josef.

If Jakub Berdych plays with the meaning of Robot and utopian dreams in his satyrical sculpture, Nike creates robots in real, at least in its sportswear. One of its latest collections, Tech Hyperfuse is made out of the layers of construction to feature details like ripstop fabric, taped and bonded seams, and reverse coil zippers. It perfectly adapts to human body needs and offer benefits like lightweight construction, breathability and durability. The similarity of the colors of this jacket and Robot is purely accidental, but both projects relates to the ideas mentioned above very well.