Peter Opsvik (born 1939) is less known Norwegian industrial designer. But his chairs are famous examples of the orthodox ergonomic design.

All of his chairs are strictly based on human behavior, proportions of the body and its needs and function. The chairs are moveable, rocking, rhythmical or very originally designed hung on strings and other constructions. Always for the better body function and its comfort.

Here we present one of his less known designs. His Reflex I chair was first presented at The Movement - Peter Opsvik exhibition in Ghent. "I believe that we always have a rhythm beating inside of us, and that this rhythm should be able to express itself while we sit as well. When sitting suspended, the smallest twitch of a muscle is enough to set the body in motion in a natural rhythm or frequency corresponding to the body's needs and the requirements, physical as well as mental. Perhaps such movements spark associations to the time when we floated effortlessly in the womb?", says designer about this project.

Most recently his famous Garden chair was reproduced in the collection of The Norwegian company Rybo. But about it maybe later.