After Q&A: BIG-GAME curated by David Glaettli in Tokyo, it is now the turn of Q&A: BIG-GAME curated by Okolo in Prague!

In this exhibition, BIG-GAME presents a retrospective selection of 10 products designed over the past 10 years. In addition, every of these products designed by BIG-GAME is paired with one item found in Czech Republic, selected by Okolo. These 10 finds represent Czech counterparts to BIG-GAME’s products, that relate to them, explain and contextualize them in unexpected ways.

By this means, the exhibits form a cross-cultural, intuitive “dialog between things” that gives a playful insight in BIG-GAME’s way of thinking and working - rooted and inspired by the things that surround all of us in everyday life and ultimately show the universality of functional, playful design.

Production: Okolo, Scholastika