What was Christian Dior (1905 - 1957) for the Paris new look in the 1950s fashion, was Emilio Pucci (1914 - 1992) for the Italian hedonist mountain lifestyle. His own fashion career he began in Zermatt, The Switzerland in 1947 when he had designed the special ski suit for his female friend. Since these days, Emilio was a great lover of the mountains.

During his career he designed a lot of scarfs dedicated to mountains especially. His signature patterns and graphic style has lived on the "paintings" of the scarfs, which illustrate the 1950s mountain leisure of the wealthy bourgeoisie and beautiful atmosphere of the postwar ski sport and resorts. The skiing of its time was very fashionable and popular. Here we present two of many scarfs designs with mountain theme.

First of them is a silk twill scarf, which Pucci designed for Corviglia club in St. Moritz in 1950s. It features comic style drawing of the ground plan of the club surrounded by snowy landscape with the foot marks in the snow. The second picture shows drawing for Sestriere scarf featuring map of this famous ski resort with the icons of the buildings, ski slopes and others.

For the context we present here one archive photo from the famous Sestriere rally which was held in the resort during the winter of the 1951. Showing the incredible Lancia Aurelia B 10 driven by Ascari and Villoresi, we have here another great example of the 1950s Italian design. Behind the car you can see one of the symbolic hotel towers pictured on the scarf design as well.

Pictures courtesy of Emilio Pucci Archive, Florence