We have approached young artist and illustrator Jana Trávníčková to help us with the project for The Prague-based fashion store Bella Brutta and one of its representative brands, Brazilian shoes icon Melissa.

The result is the series of graphic collages where Melissa shoes are used as beautiful shapes and colors elements and together set up the rich world of passion and dynamism inspired not only by the Brazilian living and nature.

In collaboration with Bella Brutta fashion boutique, we would like to pay homage to the iconic Brazilian Melissa shoes. You will certainly take their unmistakable material, shapes, and specific fragrance to heart. Melissa has elicited a revolution in the design of ladies’ shoes over the last decade and shifted them into new designer contexts by means of such an ordinary, yet unique material in their version as plastic. The Brazilian brand started to cooperate with local designers in the beginning. After launching products designed by the great Campana brothers in 2005 on the occasion of 25 years of its existence, the brand appealed to many other designers who were able to interpret a plastic shoe in a specific way. Since then, the brand has collaborated with such prominent figures as Zaha Hadid, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, and legendary Italian designer Gaetano Pesce. Thus, all of them, plus the in-house designer team, have contributed to creating a contemporary fashion icon, which links the ordinary with ingenious ideas from the world of top design and fashion. The plastic icon can be purchased in Bella Brutta boutique. 

Bella Brutta is an original fashion boutique that offers original and less known world brands in the Czech Republic. Apart from Melissa, one can find products from such brands as Custo Barcelona, Scotch&Soda, EMU, Sanita, Sita Murt and others.

More about Bella Brutta and Melissa in our OKOLO Vienna Only magazine.

Stay tuned and see new Melissa shoes for the upcoming season in the next post!