Architectural work of Gregori Warchavchik (1896 - 1972) is for brazilian modernism movement more than important. Originally born in Odessa, Ukraine, Warchavchik moved to Brazil in the year 1923, where he became one of the few inventors of the tropical brazilian modernism. In Sao Paulo he built between 1927 and 1928 the first modernist house in Brazil, today called as a Casa Modernista.

His design work is not so famous. Here we present two minimalist functionalist tables made of brazilian imbuia wood, which were designed around 1935. In the design is evident Warchavchik`s architectural thinking about the clear tectonic shape.

If you want know something more about the architect and his Casa Modernista in Sao Paulo, read our upcoming magazine OKOLO, where you find a special photo editorial about the modernist architecture in Sao Paulo made for us by photographer Pedro Kok.

Photo courtesy of Wright