Another great project from Matylda Krzykowski and Depot Basel. This time she has teamed up with photographer Christoph Sagel and together have created Personal Content project.

It includes several up and coming young designers showing their personal content in the special-made pure corner. Every designer or studio has brought different things and objects to create its own personal installation.

Projects includes scenography of A C E, Bastard Collection, Bashko Trybek, Charlotte Talbot, Clemence Seilles, Dik Scheepers, Earnest Studio & Emilie Pallard, Johannes Nagel, Julia Walter, Kaspar Hamacher, Tina Roeder, Tobias Schäfer and Valentin Loellmann.

We love it for its unorthodox curated approach and total new visual qualities which were established during the process of it. Congratulation!