Some time ago, we have visited Czech architect and designer Otakar Binar born 1931) in his Liberec studio. One the members of legendary modernist movement SIAL, he showed us some of his work, projects and realisations.

Binar as a member of cult SIAL Liberec (Association of Engineers and Architects) founded by progressive group of architects around Karel Hubáček and Miroslav Masák in 1968, is responsible for some great interior and architecture projects during the 1960s and 1970s.

Celebrated author of sci-fi interior of Ještěd hotel close to Liberec is, among others, architect of Pavilion A building at the Liberec trade fairs. Built in 1972, the structure is modulated by series of cascade volumes. The interior was furnished by Binar himself, as well as by designer and glass maker Karel Wünsch, who designed amazing lightning objects for the space. The building is no more existing.