This very nicely designed and printed brochure is the presentation of the exhibition in Paris gallery Chastel Maréchal. The show was dedicated to the original work of decorator Serge Roche (1898-1988) who has invented the spectacular interior style based on the decorative elements and surrealist inspiration between the wars.

Gallery Chasel Maréchal is one of the best design dealers in Paris and Serge Roche belongs to its main interests. In 2006, gallery has presented the exhibition of some Roche`s works. Now we are not interested in the original creations by Roche, but only in this brochure and its concept. Folded paper shows interiors and exteriors of the Roche`s Rue Las Cases palace, which was refurbished in 1935 by Roche himself. You can open the brochure and see original drawings of the interiors. We love to make this type of print material. It is not only simple brochure, but very nice print object with curatorial publishing motives.