Ispired by nomadic lifestyle, Vico Magistretti as well as Lucio Fontana, Argentinia-born Alfredo Häberli has designed a kitchen system for Shiffini.

Called Pampa, the kitchen was presented at the Salone del Mobile inside Milan Schiffini Space close to Duomo. The kitchen is monolithic structure without handles with delicate wooden surface and minimalist yet elegant slits in it. Monochrome colors refers to Italian artist Lucio Fontana, while the details resemles some features from Cina kitchen by Vico Magistretti.

The kitchen was presented in the nice installation including two wood house like structures with the sensual, colorful and vibrant atmosphere. This entertainment environment is more kitchen living room than kitchen itself only. As a part of the presentation, this beautiful brochure with Alfredo Häberli drawings was produced.