We have just recently opened our first exhibition at our very own OKOLO/Pedal Project studio in Prague.

Called Open & Drink!, the exhibition showcases some of the interesting modernist and contemporary bottle openers is simple colorful installation. All the bottle openers are packed in the transparent plastic on colorful papers.

We love beer and also simple things for everyday use. A beer bottle opener is therefore a materialization of a perfect object, which has been designed specifically for one particular reason and that is taking the metal cap off a glass bottle.

Our exhibition project Open & Drink! presents several contemporary and also historical bottle openers from all over the world and inspects how much can one specific function take the shape of sophisticated forms. Bottle openers shaped like wooden prisms, metal abstract compositions or romantic natural shapes, or an inspirational object. These and many more forms of this everyday object we bring to you at the exhibition Open & Drink! We don’t just evaluate the typology of the opener as it is, but also about the process of opening the beer, which can be opened with many things not purposed for it. That’s why you should open and drink!

Photos by Tomáš Souček