The third issue of OKOLO magazine is also exceptional for its typography. We started from scratch and asked our friend Jan Novák, a talented young typographer, to create a new typeface for the special Viennese issue. The result is the OkoloMono typeface, which we present in our magazine for the first time.

The new OkoloMono typeface is a homage to the legendary London Underground font designed by Edward Johnston in 1916 (which is still used in the visual style of the London underground). It is derived from its circular proportion, maintained in the minuscules. However, capitals are considerably narrowed due to the fixed size of the type body. The typeface includes an underline; capitals constitute a part of the font suitable for headlines and for natural highlighting in the text.

The font pack comes with Adolf Loos and his Ornament and Crime text (1908) and brochure with the samples of the font usages.

OkoloMono pack you can order via our website or directly from Jan Novák and his website.