The Czech design collective Okolo is at the heart of this exhibition. The members of Okolo are fascinated by the meaning of objects. They scrutinise the world of things with finely tuned sensibility, and post selected examples of paradigmatic design on their blog, This particular interest has transformed the collective into a group of collectors!

The quintessentially human theme of collecting is therefore the fo- cus of the exhibition, which casts light on both private and museum collecting. Experts express their views, and finally several specific themes are explored through examples. Each week, the content of the exhibition is augmented by a blogpost on, thus making it accessible to a wider public beyond the exhibition.

This exhibition is a project by the Kunstgewerbemuseum in collabo- ration with Okolo (CZ) and
Depot Basel (CH). Depot Basel, launched in 2011, is a place for contemporary design.

Kunstgewerbemuseum Schloss Pillnitz Bergpalais
3 September – 2 November 2014

Matylda Krzykowski (Depot Basel) and Adam Štěch (Okolo)

Exhibition and graphic design:
Matěj Činčera and Jan Kloss (Okolo)