We are very happy to announce our solo show in collaboration with our very own Depot Basel.

The exhibition OKOLO OFFLINE shows the motivation and dedication of the Czech group and research how digital content and connections can be transferred appropriately into an analogue environment. It will be a physically experiencable mosaic of purely internet-created insights and connections.

For the exhibition at Depot Basel, 25 blog articles from OKOLO spanning over the past 5 years were chosen and made tangible in the form of objects, graphics, films and photos. Visitors will be able to look into the work on projects of the group created in both an on- and offline environment, and buy creations by OKOLO during the exhibition. Additionally, Adam Štěch, Jakub Štěch, Matěj Činčera and Jan Kloss will launch their series MINUTE, a succession of short films on design history, at Depot Basel.