OKOLO Next Step magazine is in the stocks of the stores and online on our shop. The second version of our printed magazine includes various themes from design, architecture, style, fashion and culture. All in collaboration with creatives around the world. The main theme is the biggest section called Wood style. It brings some articles and curated editorials, as well as special designed product for us by Dutch designers Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders.

At the moment is available in:
Dox by Qubus, Prague
Qubus, Prague
Kubista, Prague
Futurista, Prague
66 GALLERY, Prague
Papelote, Prague
Czech Design, Prague
UPM, Prague
Hard-Decor, Prague
Popout, Prague
U Betlémské Kaple gallery

more places coming soon...

Here is the Introduction from the mag

When presenting the first issue of OKOLO magazine one year ago, we naturally demonstrated our views and passions. Our intention was to depict a wide range of themes from the fields of design history, contemporary design, architecture, and style in a manner different from standard periodicals. Thus, its conceptual approach and presentation of design in an unconventional way became the most essential aspect of not only the magazine, but also of our group’s activity. Over its one-year existence we have organized several curatorial exhibitions, made several T-shirt collections, and organized other creative projects that, as we hope, will help others understand design from a different perspective. However, they primarily characterize our personal and erudite interest in this field.
The actual magazine presents a miscellaneous compilation of articles and projects made in close collaboration with creative people from our surroundings. Each contribution offers original insights into lesser-known design themes, which we present to you in collaboration with our colleagues from all over the world. I am pleased that the pages of our magazine provide the ideas of the Australian duo of designers Daniel and Emma, Spanish experimenter Oscar Diaz, and, last but not least, the curatorial photo editorial from Alain Hense, who is a passionate collector of the last century’s design pieces and owner of the Alainko gallery in Antwerp.

The magazine is divided into some textual and photographic editorials whose varied themes quintessentially correspond with the entire spectrum of interests of our group. Apart from the above-mentioned names, we will again present areas from this fascinating field that have been hidden so far. Whether it be the series of photos by Filip Šlapal, which depict a unique building designed by a forgotten Czech disciple of LeCorbusier related with the new understanding of woodcraft or an excursion in pictures into the secrets of biking art by Jordan Hufnagel from Portland - all represent very authentic contributions that make up the comprehensive world of OKOLO. Thus, I would like to cordially thank all our colleagues and friends. The tour of OKOLO can start. We will also stop in Sao Paulo!