Earlier this year we have made interview for Czech graphic design magazine Font. Four-pages interview is accompanied by our own graphic editorial created exclusively for this magazine.

In the interview you can read everything about OKOLO, how it had started, what we have created since that and why we are making all these projects about design and everything around. Because the main theme of the magazine is a graphic design of the foundations, we have prepared special graphic scheme of the most interesting architectural foundations around all over the world. Every foundation like Alvar Aalto Foundation, Luis Barragan Foundation or less known foundations of Arthur Erickson and Lina Bo and P. M. Bardi are represented among others by some special drawings visualizing significant architectural realizations of their authors. The result is a nice graphic double page with a lot of text about the architects, too.

In some next weeks we will present here separate drawings of the foundations with some more info about them as well.