Paris-based designer Constance Guisset creates beautiful objects with strong lyrical qualities. Her new lightning designs caught our eyes very much.

Based on organic forms and sensitive use of color, Cape and Dessus-Dessous lamps are simple decorative lightning objects, bot with the innovative use of forms and materials.

Dessus-Dessous is a pair of lamps made out of ceramics for Catberro gallery. The ceramic pieces are set upside down and each of them has different lightning qualities. "The shading blue gradations were born from research on color revelation by laser. The pigments in the material are brought to the surface, like tatooed on the skin of the dish. It is as if the chromatic DNA of tainted ceramics were made visible by a light chemical burn," says designer.

The Cap lamp reminds us many things from hair to bird, dress or ghost flying in the space. The lightning is made out of translucid plastic with sensual color detailing.