Mieke Meijer, Balance table lamp
Mieke Meijer, Balance table lamp
Christian Kocx, NewspaperWood lamp for Vij5
Christian Kocx, NewspaperWood lamp for Vij5
Denis Parren, CMYK light
Denis Parren, CMYK light
This lamp is made out of the special material called
NewspaperWood developed by young designer Mieke Meijer
with Vij5 company. The paper is recycled into the form
of artificial paper wood here.
"Colorful mysteries of light: You can’t really say
“that chair is red”. Actually, the chair is reflecting
red light while absorbing green and blue light.
It is the light that colors the world. This
CMYK Lamp plays with the mystery of light
and color and projects an elusive network of lines
of cyan, magenta and yellow light on the ceiling.
Designed not to be understood but to show that
light is the only rightful owner of color."

Dennis Parren

We continue with our "lamps theme". This time we present some very interesting lightning ideas from The Netherlands. From the chandelier that looks like visual artistic installation to the most minimalist table lamps which we have every seen, the all three projects bring the new shining ideas.