It is quite out of date, but these pictures fit exactly into our Wood Style blog. Super Natural was a project by London-based interior stylist and designer Faye Toogood presenting it at the London design week in September last year.

Toogood is interested in very specific design works very much. She composes, curates and creates whole environments with really various themes. "Super Natural in London was dedicated to foraging, collecting and observing in the English countryside.", as she says.

In her pop-up space in west London she was presenting her first collection of furniture called Assemblage 1, as well as Brambles café and this spectacular installation of mushrooms picked by New Forest forager Mrs. Tee.

Widely acknowledged as the world’s foremost authority on edible wild mushrooms, Brigitte Tee has been supplying wild and cultivated fungi to the country’s leading chefs from her base in Lymington, Hampshire, for more than 35 years. Backed by unrivalled knowledge and expertise, Mrs Tee is the only licence holder entitled to pick and sell the many diverse wild mushrooms that grow in the New Forest where she is based, offering chefs a selection of unique, quality, seasonal produce, including the highly regarded and sought-after New Forest Cep.

In collaboration with the designer, Mrs. Tee presented some wild mushrooms species in the natural installation with magnifying glasses for the best discovering all the details of the forest treasures. Whole installation was the fascinated introduction into the world of English forest as well as art of the mushrooms and fascinated atmosphere of the work of Faye Toogood who achieves to create very emotional spaces.