South American modernism is really our taste. Important modernist organic movement of the 1950s Brazilian architecture is not only one which played important role in the postwar architecture.

The capital of the Venezuela, Caracas, was also one of the busiest centre of the postwar South American architectural avant-garde. Carlos Raúl Villanueva (1900 - 1975) and his celebrated university building, Gio Ponti and his modernist palace, villa Planchart, are among others most significant buildings of the international modernism.

One less known, but not less impressive is the spectacular villa Monzeglio, which was built by the architect, Nigra Montini, in 1953 for the grocery store owner, Monzeglio family. Cantilevered structure nestled in the hills of Caracas is the bizarre example of the European modernist influences transforming into the very original form.