Inspired by baroque, rococo as well as mannerist wonder cabinets, designer and decorator Pierre Delbee created many spectacular furniture pieces and interiors for celebrated French company Maison Jansen during the 1950s and 1960s.

Delbee was active as a director of the famous decorators firm active in Paris and founded in 1880 by Dutch-born Jean-Henri Jansen. Opulent aristocracy style of Maison Jansen had continued further to the 20th century, when St├ęphane Boudin took over the company during the 1920s. Under Boudin's leadership, Maison Jansen provided services to the royal families of Belgium, Iran, and Serbia; Elsie de Wolfe, and Lady Olive Baillie's Leeds Castle in Kent, England and many others.

Delbee connected decoration with modernist forms and created his own decadent version of modernist historicism as we can see in the interior of his apartment in Paris including incredible inlaid doors and cabinets made of ebony and ivory, each with the surrealistic take on an architectural theme or a arabesque table with the motive of sea shells.