Created in collaboration with the GLASS Studio at the Prague Academy of Arts and Design and its head Rony Plesl, this publication presents fundamental ideas on creating and understanding glass presence and history.

Within the scope of the glass symposium which took place in the fall of 2014 in Jesenný, the GLASS Studio of UMPRUM in Prague presented its views on the creation of glass in the broader contexts and relationships of fine art, design, decoration, crafts, architecture, general knowledge, archetypal forms and various manners of work. Eight principles generally acknowledged by the atelier are illustrated through examples from the past and present of glass design and production. The result is not merely a simple guide demonstrating the creative vision and direction of the instructors and their students, but a resource and interpretation of historical facts comprising not only illustrations and texts of historically important works, but also interactive postcards which create special decorations. Individual pages can be inserted into the slots in the publication’s cover, creating unexpected spatial objects.