In the town of Chiavari we have visited workshop of master woodcarver Franco Casoni, who showed us rare historical catalogues of famous company Sanguineti produced amazing Chiavari chairs during the 1950s.

Chiavari chair is a specific typology of a chair produced in Chiavari almost more than 200 years. Based on lightness and delicate craft, Chiavari chairs were adorated by modernists architects and designers of the post-war era.

One of the most interesting Chiavari chairs from modern era is La Tigullina, designed by Colombo Sanguineti and received honorable mention at the Compasso d’Oro in 1958. The re-edition
of this chair with armrests, which was prepared by Domenico Rocca from Segno Italiano is still manufactured using the classical techniques.

More about Chiavari chairs, La Tigullina and interview with Domenico find in our upcomig Liguria issue!