From drawing...
From drawing... the real building... the real building...
...which was demolished later!
...which was demolished later!

Miguel Fisac (1913 - 2006) is one of the greatest Spanish architects of the second half of the 20th century. Among others, he is the author of the spectacular building of JORBA laboratories called "La Pagoda" in Madrid. Experimental sculptural architecture was designed and built between 1965 and 1970.

Fisac was the magician in concrete. During his career he developed several systems for using concrete in architecture. He invented prefabricated concrete skins and elements or special decorative qualities of the concrete for the walls and facades.

JORBA laboratories are considered as the one of the finest work of Fisac, as well as experimental organic architecture of the 1960s. The whole building is topped with the six-storey tower. Its extraordinary design is based on the development of hyperbolic paraboloids. Despite all these qualities, this architectural masterpiece was destroyed in 1999. We pay homage to this lost work of art.