During our stay at Fulvio Ferrari's house in Liguria, we have discovered this amazing book on ski champion Leo Gasperl, one of the best friends of Carlo Mollino. Written by Fulvio himself.

Leo (1912 - 1997) was a record holder Austrian skier who stayed in Italy during the late 1930s as a trainer of Italian National skiing team. There, he met Carlo Mollino with whom he devoted his winter activities to the inventing of precise new style of skiing. He wrote the book Discesismo on skiing in 1939, filmed the movies about and developed, with his wife, fashion designer Luciana, fashion of the skiing.

Leo Gasperl is one of the most stylish persons in the history for us. In this book, you can see great pictures of him posing for the fashion shoots, as well as during the training when he developed special combinations and riding styles. Also he was interested in aerodynamic and its aplication for skiing. He developed special clothes for better jumping and downhill skiing as Thirring cloak as you can see in the book as well. He was hedonist of the slope and was a friend of celebrities such as Dawn Adams, Gina Lollobrigida and others.

Thanks Fulvio Ferrari for the possibility of shooting the book!