Despite these lamps look very fresh and modern, they were designed in 1951. Their creator is the less known American designer Ben Seibel (1918 - 1985)

He was a prolific designer in his time. He designed everything from clocks to glassware and flatware. But today he is best known for his elegant yet minimalist collection of lamps calles 5000 series which he created for company Raymor. His detailed simple style is also evident in these table or floor lamps with perforated and colorful shades and round bases which represent distinctive style of American 1950s lightning design.

Right now we are preparing the curated exhibition about Czech table lamps from the period of 1950 - 1990 for Design Festival in Lodz in Poland. So on our blog, you will se more another lightning designs from this period as one of our favorite interest, as well as our inspiration and rerseach for our exhibition. Stay tuned and see more from modernist lightning design.