Otl Aicher is one of the most prolific graphic designers of the last century. Pioneer of the corporate identity system which he created for many iconic German Brands, also designed the pictograms for 1972 Munich Summer Olympic games featuring in our previous story.

About his work we can write a lot, but now we are interested in one specific project only. In 1982 he created the book for German kitchen company Bulthaup called Die K├╝che zum Kochen (The Kitchen for Cooking). Something like the detailed manual for modern work and entertainment in the kitchen, the book was created in collaboration with company owner Gerd Bulthaup. The son of the founder of the company took the management place in 1980 and for the fast growing company began a new and radical phase of its development. The book by Aicher was one of the results.

Pure graphic design, schemes and minimalist drawings together with text explain "a new kitchen philosophy, focusing on the significance of ergonomics for cooking. How do people eat and cook? How do they use the stove, sink and refrigerator? How do they access knives, forks, spoons, ladles?", as Bulthaup company says and continues: "In summary, the design of kitchen elements must concentrate on the essentials. The most important factors are enjoyment, cooking and communication. The kitchen itself, the water point and hob, must be subordinate to this premise. It sounds so simple, yet in fact it remains a lasting source of creative ideas to this day. On the basis of this concept, Bulthaup is continuing to develop milestones in kitchen history with its current product ranges."