In context of our exhibition Retrospective of the Light at Designblok 2010 next week, we have visited Hepnar`s studio many times. Designer, artist and woodworker lives in Čakovičky close to Prague in old remodeled barn. In the calm environment of his garden and studio he works on many difficult woodworking projects. Today he is most interested in sculpted bowls, which he steams to various abstract forms.

In his workshop, which you can see in one of our preceding post, too, is a really artistic atmosphere. Machines next to many prepared pieces of wood and vintage posters and drawings of Hepnar`s work make together a compact working space, which today still represents designer`s non defatigable mind and working enthusiasm.

Hepnar is working in wood since his graduation in 1953 at AAAD in Prague. For many years he was working in studio in Kaprová street next to the AAAD school, where he created most of his unique craft based designs in the field of home accessories, lightning or specially commissioned works for interiors and architecture. But after the big flood in Prague in 2001 he has relocated his own workshop to Čakovičky. Today he works there with the same creative assignment.

Photos by Jaroslav Moravec