Our friends from Prague-based Denim Heads store showed us this very nice catalogue of the pioneering outdoor brand called Holubar.

Founded by Alice and Roy Holubar in 1947, the brand is one of the most classic American outdoor wear companies. After the developing their business with series of stores all around the USA, they decided to sell the company in 1968. After that, the brand disappeared virtually from the market. Today, the company is relaunched with business in Italy.

New catalogue is more book than classic product presentation. Biggest part of that is devoted to history, old advertisements, memories and other vintage stuff. Contemporary line is quite small and is influenced by the original mastery of Holubars. In their times they developed many revolution techniques such as the use of nylon, the invention of a special “sandwich” padding made of down feathers and “Holufill” (polyester), conceived to accelerate the drying process or the innovative "wavy" quilting. After that it was big source of inspirations for another big outdoor wear brands.

If you want to know something more about the company, visit Denim Heads store at Rámová 3 in Prague where you can see and read this beautiful catalogue or another nice work wear and style magazines.