Our friends from Oldschool fashion and design studio based in Prague sent us some pictures of their new project on the theme HEAT, ME HEAT, RE HEAT, which created for "Prix Émile Hermès" awards. Bellow you can find text from Oldschool to this concept, which is perfect for our Wood Style blog.

keep warm, keep the heat / keep your body and your SOUL in the mood of evolution / use the nature with respect / as the fathers were sitting with their families around the fire sharing food, stories and history to hold the spirit in HEAT … / here is our result of the communication on the fundamental theme for human HEAT / we are presenting this “Wooden Case” as the pure essence of the theme / the wooden chunk contains a circle silk blanket with a printed motive of fire with that simple message to all of us / just sit around the fire, make a circle, try to share HEAT from each other / warm up the body SOUL and listen to the sense of the heat.