As a highlight of our exhibition Light Sculptures at Lodz Design Festival next week we present two unique lightning designs by architect, designer and artist Růžena Žertová (born 1932) there.

Růžena Žertová is one of the important Czech architects working during the second half of the last century. She was specialized in the design of big department stores, especially during the 1960s and 1970s, when she designed and built Labe department store in Ústí nad Labem or Prio department store in Padubice, among others. These two designs are her most important ones and represent excellent example of the 1960s Czech architecture, as well as very personal approach to brutalism and original thinking about the department store typology.

Architect designed interiors, furniture, lightning design or jewelry as well. In the 1970s she concentrated on design of the lamps mainly. And this is subject of our interest. During 1970s and 1980s she designed several lamps designs in the limited production for Czech applied arts gallery Dílo or for concrete interiors projects. Most of the lamps she produced hand-made with the help of the friends and craftsmen. She used many materials, but metal (brass, copper and aluminum) was her best material to produce her elegant and very minimalist designs. Aluminum gave her a lot of possibilities of the resulted shapes of the shades, especially. Her favorite shapes were round ones. What designer and craftsman Antonín Hepnar did in the turned wood, she produced the same in metal in that time.

Except her limited productions for Dílo, she created many designs for interiors. Most famous is a set of lightning designed for Patria hotel, which was built by architect Zdeněk Řihák in the Slovakian Vysoké Tatry mountains in 1975. Her design of the standing and floor lamps resembles cosmic age aesthetic and looks like an astronaut. The perfect design of the lamp which correspondents with the international design futurist movement of the 1970s, we use for our logo to the exhibition as well.

At Lodz you can see two of Růžena Žertová pieces. One from steel from the 1970s and the second from 1980s made out of aluminum which looks like an strange engine component.

Some informations were taken from the Petra Gajdová Diploma work about the work of Růžena Žertová. Thanks!