We have always followed work of Lausanne-based BIG-GAME studio, which is our very own favorite of elegant poetic, yet functional design movement of the last years. Today, Elric Petit, Augustin Scott de Martinville and Grégoire Jeanmonod share with us some images from the production of their new table lamp created for Passionswege Project during Vienna Design Week two months ago.

BIG-GAME collaborated with the Vienna-based silversmith Wiener Silber Manufactur, historical company founded in 1882 and collaborating with no one smaller than Josef Hoffmann, Otto Prutscher or Oswald Haerdtl. The result will is extraordinary lamp based on craft as well as technology.

"The HAMMER lamp combines up-to-date lighting technology and traditional craftsmanship," says BIG-GAME. High-tech meets precision craft in the design. Aluminum body with the LED technology is fitted with the reflector made from a hand-hammered sheet of solid silver.

Photos: Courtesy of BIG-GAME