Two of the last furniture projects by Munich-based industrial designer, Konstantin Grcic, are inspired by the sport aesthetic and its equipment. Grcic goes to sport!

When Grcic has exhibited his Waver armchair for Vitra at Salone del Mobile in Milan this year, the piece of furniture was total different than any other design on the show. A lot of people said that it is strange and ugly. But when you look at it more detailed, you discover very interesting use and combinations of materials and their visualization. The inspirational point for Grcic was paragliding and windsurfing equipment, which we see in the Waver very well. Waver brings new sport poetic into the furniture design.

With the latest project for the Kreo gallery in Paris, Grcic continues with his theme of sport. This time he is inspired by motor sport. In his series of tables called Champions he uses colorful aesthetic of the F1 cars and their advertisements. Aluminum trestle tables are lacquered with graphics inspired by motor sports equipment. Each design was produced in the edition of six pieces and not only with its graphics resembles the Formula 1 cars. In the collection, Grcic`s typical neo-functionalist style meets pop, sport and postmodern inspiration of crazy furniture by Memphis or Studio Alchimia.

In these two projects, work of Konstantin Grcic explores new visual possibilities of the contemporary design as well as new unorthodox inspirational moments.