The best wristwatches in the world are Swiss made. But there are some exceptions here. One of it is the legendary small town of Glashütte in the heart of the forests in Saxony, Germany. Last year we visited this pictorial town and make this report about the Glashütte watchmaking heritage. Enjoy this photo essay, as well as the text about it below!

In Glasshütte we visited Deutsches Uhrenmuseum Glashütte, where you can find all informations about the history of the precise watchmaking tradition in this small Saxony town. We were surprised by the nice and quality exhibition scenography that offers everything from the old watchmaking instruments to the interactive installations.

Through it you can learn everything about Glashütte watches. The history of the Glashütte Original brand begins in 1845, when Ferdinand Adolf Lange founded A. Lange & Söhne, the first high-quality watch manufacture in Glashütte. He dreamed about the independent center of the watch industry in Saxony. The dream came true quite early and several great watchmakers came to Glashütte. Julius Assmann, Ludwig Strasser, Gustav Rhode and Adolf Schneider collaborated in these years with A. Lange & Söhne and some of them have established their own manufacturers later. Realizing that not everybody could afford purchasing high quality timepieces produced by A. Lange & Söhne, Johannes Dürrstein established the Glashütter Uhrenfabrik UNION in 1893 and concentrated on producing inexpensive Glashütte quality timepieces, by applying non-precious metals while maintaining their renowned accuracy.

The name Glashütte Original appeared in 1921. During the 20th century Glashütte watchmaking tradition became one of the most legendary watch production in the world. After the second world war all the companies in the town are reunited under the VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe in 1951. This was reorganized into Glashutter Uhrenbetriebe GmbH in 1990. Today there is a lot of manufacturers including Glashütte Original, Glashütte Uhrenfabrik Union, Nomos, Glashütte SA and in 1994 reborn A. Lange & Söhne. For example Glashütte Original produces only 6000 - 8000 pieces of wristwatches per year. Glashütte Original and some other companies from the town are currently owned by The Swatch Group.