How will look our everyday life activities in the near future? One possibility give us the last project of London based designer Oscar Diaz, who is also one of the our collaborators for the second issue of OKOLO magazine. Diaz was commissioned for the exhibition New Simplicity prepared by curator Nuno Coelho in London to design something using technology of 3D printing.

Diaz designed new system of creating the keys called While you sleep, where we can make key from data made in parametric software.

There is a text by Diaz:
‘While you sleep’ was commissioned for ‘New simplicity’ and exhibition about simple design curated by design critic Nuno Coelho. Nine designers were asked to investigate the possibilities of using 3D printing technology as a manufacturing tool in the near future.

We decided to question the traditional key cutting service, and propose a product/service scenario where the use of the 3D printing technology will facilitate the copy and storage of keys as data.

Since 3D data can be managed by parametric software and allow easy customization, the type of head can be chosen, and also the texture or color to differentiate the garage key, from the one for the front door house.

Post Office branches could provide the scanning service, and from the data your key would be made easily. You can then send it by e-mail to the key-printing machine, or store it online on a virtual safety box. If you ever lose you key, it will be ready for you to download and print. Making a key could be as easy as using a photo booth or a cash point.

The keys head shape has been redesigned so they can be clipped together without using a key ring. Accessories include a wristband and buttons where is possible to clip one or two keys.

A part from the pieces built with 3d printers, a variety of products which value simple solutions over visual complexity are also exhibited.