In Frankfurt am Main we visited young designer Hanna Ernsting as well. At this moment she is working at her home in the quiet residential district close to the centre of the city.

Hanna Ernsting surprised design world this year when she won second prize at IMM Cologne D3 Design Contest with her Moody Coach. Special conceptual seating which is more free domestic sculpture than traditional sofa plays with problematic of the comfort and variable function. Made out of hidden structure and large textile cover which you can use in the different ways, the Moody offers several possibilities of seating and relaxing. You can sleep, you can sit on, hide in it or use it as a carpet almost, the textile cover is the amorphous object for the domestic well-being.

In Hanna`s apartment we saw new object of the Moody series as well. Her Moody bag is the smaller variation on the same theme. Green textile can cover any chair or armchair and can create organic and comfortable seating.

In the great atmosphere of the meeting in the apartment/studio we discovered conceptual comfort of Hanna Ernsting and good feeling of the domesticity which is seen in her work. Vitra pieces or some another icons of modern design finally complete very natural atmosphere of the Hanna`s home.