With this kayak you can take the Sealup rain coat from our previous story and enjoy a long time fishing experience. Designed and manufactured by Heritage company, this modern boat is the ultimate fishing kayak. The FeatherLite 12 is a one of the kayaks, which Heritage produces now. Company based in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA represents the marriage of modern technology and sophisticated materials with timeless proven traditional design elements.

Here is a text about this kayak from Heritage.

Do you want to catch even BIGGER FISH? The FeatherLite 12 Angler is a "stretched" version of the FeatherLite Angler with extra hull speed so it will take you less effort to get to those secret offshore fishing spots. It offers better load capacity for larger fishermen, or those carrying extra gear. The boat also features the new DVCTM (drains, vents, cushions) Seating System for maximum comfort while relaxing during a full day on the water. The perfect fishing platform for anglers of all sizes. It has a large, open non-confining cockpit, two rod holders, paddle tether for quick casting, adjustable foot braces, two end carry handles, bow storage webbing, built-in flotation, a stern hatch and cargo chamber, along with a molded skeg.