Our very own Klára Šumová presents her series of metal containers at Depot Basel right now.

Called Trays 1, 2, 3, the project was commissioned by Depot Basel for its CRAFT & DRAWING exhibition concept, which was opened earlier this week. Klára shows delicate craft: powder coated metal pieces with handles attached by brass and linden tree knots.

"We train ourselves to use objects of certain shapes/dimensions and we grow to immediately recognize their forms as belonging to very specific functions. In these works, the focus has been on the forms which are most basic and refined in their appearance. The objects each exercise the same principles and technologies, allowing only their proportions and our pre-conceived ideas to create their different purposes. The trays come alive on their own, by drawing on our past experiences with fruits, biscuits, cakes and flowers," Klára says about the project.

We love basic round forms inspired by modernist austerity which is enriched by poetic use and vision of Klára, who is really interested in story telling and inner feeling of things around us.

Photos by Veronika Raffajová